The Veiled Christ

Walking through Naples’ historical center, you might come across the Sansevero Chapel Museum which houses the Christo Velato, or Veiled Christ, one of its most famous masterpieces. This museum is considered a fine gem of international artistic heritage.

The Veiled Christ, place in the central aisle of the Chapel, is universally known for the amazing weaving of the marble veil, helping make this piece of art one of the most suggestive in the world. Commissioned by Prince Raimondo di Sangro, it was originally to be crafted by Antonio Corradini, who had already sculpted the “Pucidizia” for the Prince. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in 1752, having only managed to finish a rough terracotta sketch of the Christ, which is now stored at the National Museum of San Martino.

Prince Raimondo di Sangro then entrusted Giuseppe Sanmartino, a young neapolitan artist, with the creation of “a life-sized sculpted marble statue representing our dead Jesus Christ, covered with a transparent shroud obtained from the same block of the statue”.